Instantly manage and share your
academic achievements
through TruScrypt


Instantly manage and share your academic
achievements through TruScrypt

Put the ownership of your academic records in your hands!
Ordering a transcript to be sent another educational institution or employer is a time consuming process. You have to submit the request to your school, pay the admin and courier service, and then hope it arrives in-time to meet the deadline. Too much is at stake for the control to be out of your hands. TruScrypt’s secure mobile wallet gives students the ability to confidentially and instantly share their authenticated academic credentials with prospective educational institutions and employers.

Easy to apply for jobs and to schools
from wherever whenever

Today students and alumni are more mobile than ever. Whether travelling, applying for a job in another city or country, or applying to study abroad, getting your authenticated academic records to the right people at the right time can be difficult. With TruScrypt’s mobile wallet you can securely share your cryptographically signed academic records with the click of a button.

Get value for your education

Academic fraud devalues the education that you worked so hard for. By making it easier for you to share your authenticated academic achievements with employers, we are enabling you to get for value for your education, stand out among the other candidates, and gain the employers trust that you will perform.

TruScrypt uses blockchain technology to provide a trusted, transparent
system for sharing and verifying academic achievements.

Let us know if you want instant and secure access to your academic achievements!

If you want your school to provide you with instant access to your authenticated academic records let us know which school and we will use your voice to work with your school to give you access to your authenticated records.