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End high-cost administration and distribution of authenticated paper documents.

Protect your educational institution’s distinctive academic brand with blockchain-secured cryptographic signatures.

Give your students immediate ownership over their academic achievements with TruScrypt’s secure mobile wallet.


In recent years, TruScrypt’s founders faced ungrounded mistrust from companies and universities around the world when they presented their authenticated paper documents. This has been due to the rampant proliferation of “diploma mills” committing academic fraud. Until recent technological advancements, universities had few options to supply digital proof of certified academic achievements.

TruScrypt is focused on ending academic fraud and putting the trust back into hard-earned educations, by providing educational institutions a turn-key solution to a problematic, costly, and antiquated system. Blockchain technology, initially introduced in the world of cryptocurrencies, was a clear solution. This ingenious technology allows for a distinct piece of digital information (e.g. diplomas) to be transferred to another without the risk of copy or corruption..

Mobile devices are the ultimate form of communication for students and alumni around the world. That is why TruScrypt is developing a cryptographic mobile wallet for students to securely share their authenticated academic records with other educational institutions and prospective employers.


TruScrypt delivers a turnkey solution.

University documents are moved to the TruScrypt platform where they are easily-accessed by students around the world through a mobile wallet.

Every document sent via TruScrypt is cryptographically signed and attested to before it is distributed through a blockchain network that ensures secure immutable transmission and lifetime access for the student.

Supplying easily authenticated documents to students raises the value of your educational institutions’s diplomas – globally. TruScrypt can help you get started, simply contact us.


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